Religious Freedom Backfire due to Islam

16 states are trying to ban Sharia Law (article)
Trump is about to sign an Exec. Order banning government from interfering

protest at Mike Pence home, Newsweek

Word is out that Trump is thinking of signing an executive order using religious freedom to roll back LGBTQ “rights.” (see Yahoo News article)  This will backfire when U.S. Muslim groups use it to insist on acceptance of Islam’s more objectionable tenets, such as full-body covering of women in public, sharia Law, multiple wives, physical abuse of women including honor killings, and presumably even jihad.

Liberals are not the only ones naïve about Islam.  Apparently the Christian right is too.  Or maybe just plain old dumb.  If you increase the power and privilege of religion while accepting a particularly obnoxious religion that has 90 incitements to kill all non-believers in its holy text, you haven’t made progress.  It is an essential tenet of our American way of life to leave other people alone, but this is contrary to Islam.  It is not something which can be interpreted away.  The text of the Quran plainly states these policies.  Oh, sure, some infidels can be left alive provided they pay tribute and do exactly as they are told.

Bunk.  I’m having none of it.  We must admit that Islam’s texts violate the prohibition against violent overthrow of our government, assuming our government is not Islamic.  Maybe that was not a valid assumption with Obama president, but it should be now.  I do not care for open display of LGBTQ behavior.  Let them stick to their private clubs and not stick it in my face.  (My apologies to certain friends I have who are LGBTQ.  This is the way I feel.)  But, I do not support using religious freedom against LGBTQ’s to accomplish such a roll back because it will ultimately play into the hands of Islam.

woman being caned – Christians, is this what you want? (BBC article)


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