Deal With The Devil

I have been publishing a daily newsletter to a couple dozen friends since the first day of the Ukraine-Russia-US war. Of course, the US is at war. Saying “not” is as pointless as Putin saying “special operation”.

Many of us wrote to our political representatives, and the things we asked for were eventually delivered. But too late to keep Ukraine from being destroyed and many Ukrainians killed and millions displace. Uh, AND a huge financial bill to the US, the smallest component of which is weapons. We are on the hook for the trillion-dollar rebuilding of Ukraine, even if Russia just knocks it down again, which they will if we don’t stop them. All because Biden could not bring himself to “Just say NO.”

I became disgusted and branched out beyond Ukraine to offer general commentary on things I thought were not just stupid, but eventually leading to the end of society. This is tied up with the Fermi Paradox, which I will gradually explain. I am going to post a few of the old notes, beginning with this one from December the 8th, chronicling how US politics got so polarized. It was the Devil, er, I mean Evangelical Christianity. Same thing. You will understand eventually.

Dec 8, 2022, Houston, TX, USA

Thanks to the many people who provided feedback yesterday.  I guess there is at least some interest in my pessimistic take on the news.  Better to be surprised on the upside than down is my motto.

I wrote you a long explanation recently of how I left church after they went into politics in the early 90s.  A pastor who was party to negotiations with the Republican Party now describes how in exchange for overturning Roe v. Wade, the churches agreed to a larger program of right-wing policies:

‘Deal with the devil’: Evangelical pastor testifies about bargain Christian conservatives made with GOP (

  1. The conversation went something like this: “You guys want Roe v. Wade overturned, we can do that for you, but you take the whole enchilada, you take the whole thing,”
  2. “From that point on that community that I had served, and still do, made a deal with the devil,” he said. “That deal was, we would support everything on the conservative agenda, whether or not we had conscientious conflict with them. The means were justified by the ends of that.”

Last time I checked (and I have read the whole thing through more than once) there was nothing in the New or Old Testament about the ends justifying the means.  I hope this guy likes Putin, because he’ll probably share a cell in hell with him.

There is also nothing on the NT or OT about abortion.  But sacrifice of teenage daughters is condoned.  See Judges 11.  Bet you didn’t know that.  It’s no accident you haven’t heard it.  It so troubles the “priestly class” that it isn’t cross referenced in indices or concordances, nor is it covered in Bible study classes.  The only way to discover it is to read straight through.  To find it again years later, I had to read a large section straight through again due to the lack of indexing.  After that I committed the book and chapter number to memory.  The book omits mention of Jephthah’s children and wives later after he became a judge, but typical numbers were something like 40 and 20 respectively, so the deal maximized his evolutionary success.  The daughter seemed to understand and accept.  If you do the math, it also maximized the number of her future genetic representatives.  She is 50% related to Jephthah, and so 25% related to his likely 40 or so children.  That’s the genetic equivalent of having 10 of her own children. 

In other words, the truth is not what you think it is.  It has been deliberately and carefully hidden from you by the people you trust the most.

Our current politics is then infected by this deal with the devil.  The devil wants conflict and chaos.  Yep.  That’s what we got.

Iran ‘on verge of collapse’ after carrying out first execution over protests (

‘Leaked: Basij leader there has admitted the possibility of Tehran’s fall tonight is extremely high and that the Presidential palace may be attacked. Khamenei and Raisi told to be transferred to a safe place ASAP”.’

Well, I’ll believe it when I see it.  If it happens, all I can say is easy come, easy go.

The Supreme Court Seems Less Inclined to End Democracy Than Before (

Bull.  It doesn’t matter that the justices took a beating in orals.  They can still rule any way they want and will.  The deal with the devil is harder to get out of than that.

Scholz: Risk of Russia using nuclear weapons has diminished, for now (

International pressure my foot.  Putin was made to realize the utter destruction he faced.  Meanwhile his titanic submarine wave maker failed its field test.

Men are dropping out of the labor force because they’re upset about their social status, according to a new study (

Non-college-educated men have seen their pay shrink by more than 30% since 1980 compared to the average earnings of all other prime-age workers.

This is the demographic that causes revolutions. 

Winter is coming: The ‘best country in the world’ is planning to ban electric cars amid the energy crisis. Is it time to revisit oil stocks? Here are 3 big plays (

In event of electricity shortage, Switzerland may ban electric vehicles.  In a future California, that would translate to all personal vehicles.  So maybe the story on Oxfordshire is not limited to university towns after all?

Elon Musk could move Twitter from San Francisco after ‘mattress’ probe (

  1. Elon Musk could potentially move the company headquarters out of San Francisco after the city launched an investigation into reports that part of its corporate offices were converted into makeshift sleeping quarters for overworked employees.

Just like he moved Tesla from LA area to Texas, where there are no labor laws whatever as far as I can see.  Texas was among the first to make “the deal.”

NATO chief says Russia wants a ‘freeze’ in Ukraine fighting so it can prepare for a renewed assault early next year (


Russia’s central bank just issued a warning about ‘new economic shocks,’ and it shows the new $60/barrel cap on oil is working (

The price cap on Russian crude and EU’s oil embargo present “new economic shocks,” the Bank of Russia said.

Kremlin Says Russia Is Done Taking Territory From Ukraine (

“For now!”  (always read the fine print)


Vladimir Putin: Fresh claims the Russian President is preparing to flee to South America (

Like the Nazi he is.  Note: if he has a plan to flee, he will not start a nuclear war.  His chances would be zero.  There would be a bounty on his head a million miles high.

He was reportedly thinking of fleeing to Iran earlier, but I guess that’s off the table as Iranian bigwigs play to flee:

Iran would be negotiating political asylum with Venezuela in the event of an eventual loss of power, according to the media (

There is no shortage of people tweeting and writing articles saying we should end the fighting, negotiate (aka yield) to Russia.  Look at who writes these.  Elon Musk formerly world’s richest man.  Economists and bureaucrats and businessmen who make money dealing with Russia.  There is a lot of money involved in the current mobster scheme of controlling Russia, money for people all around the world.  If you break Russia a part there is no accountability to those past funds flows.  New parties will scarf it up.  Former mobsters and oligarchs will be summarily disposed of in frozen ditches beside the road.  Anyone who makes a fuss will be killed by whatever new mob takes over. 

While in some ways the new mob will be no better than the old mob, I believe the world has a choice:

  1. Yield to nuclear blackmail by refraining from attacking and dissembling the Nazi war and criminal culture in Russia, eventually surrendering the planet to a nuclear dictator or fighting a nuclear war with one.
  2. Defeat Russia utterly and completely so that other despots realize that their nukes are more of a liability than an asset.


On the above dichotomy, which way do you think it will go?