Answer to Kissinger

See previous posts on the breakup of Russia. You should know at the outset the following things:

  • I’m married to a Russian and have relatives there. The war has prevented my wife and son, not to mention me, from visiting them. I’m furious with Putin about that.
  • I had significant investments in Russian mutual funds in 2014. Putin’s action cost me a million dollars. I’m willing to kill him on that count alone. I had the residuals of that, still, on February 24th. The war rendered them valueless, and sanctions confiscated them. If I could resurrect him and kill him twice, I’d do it slowly both times.
  • I visited Ukraine 4 times between 2009 and 2011, staying a week each time, twice in the west and twice in the east. I took a trip from Kharkiv to Luhansk by myself (i.e. without a guide/translator). I felt perfectly safe there. Safer than I felt in Russia the many times I’ve been there. I had many friends there. I’ve lost touch with all of them since the war.
  • I hired several Ukrainian musicians through One was living in Kharkiv. I’ve lost touch with her. The other one, though living in the US, is working much too hard and has developed health problems. If you want to hear what kind of music, see .
  • Ukraine was greatly affected by the US 2008-9 financial crisis. They sell goods and export labor to the EU, and the EU was curtailed by lack of business from the US. This was practically all they talked about, well, except for when Stalin tried to starve them to death. Russia was not much affected by the 2008 events. My wife never mentioned it. When in 2013 Putin tried to override Ukraine’s desire to go more toward the EU, of course they rejected him.
  • While the Ukrainians may have had some rough edges while trying to define their country, they definitely are the victim. How many Russans within Russia’s pre-2014 border have died from Ukrainian rockets? Zero. How many Russians fled rather than fight in the war? Half a million. How many Ukrainians? 7.5 million. At least. There are many orders of magnitude difference in the crimes of the Russians and the misdemeanors of the Ukrainians. If you disagree, go out in our back yard and shoot yourself. For sure don’t tell me about it.

Now we begin the analysis I wrote first for my group of friends, who already know all that stuff about where I’m coming from.

Russia launched 76 rockets today.  16 hit their targets.  60 were shot down.

(1) Update from Ukraine | Ruzzia Attacks again | Ukraine gets more military support from USA – YouTube

  1. Expecting another massive ground attack on Kyiv in February or March
  2. Politico expects war to stalemate, possibly for years, due to lack of resources on both sides
  3. Russia continues to inch forward in Donbas

Where were you when the rockets hit?  Going about your daily life?  You should be holding a protest sign in front of the White House.  If I were aware of an organized demonstration, I would go.  I looked for a protest to join early in the war.  No one seems to be coordinating anything.    If just ten other people will go, I will go.

Musk’s suspension of journalists could embolden authoritarians, free speech experts warn (

Musk has lost everything.  Especially respect.  People I know who once liked him now say he’s nuts.  See also One of Tesla’s Largest Shareholders Calls to Ditch Elon Musk ( .

Japan to Build a More Powerful Military, Citing China as Its No. 1 Menace (

When I was young, the idea of Japan rebuilding their military scared people crazy.

Sasse’s exit from Senate prompts GOP unease over replacement (

I don’t know these guys, but here is what even fellow Republicans are saying:

“It looks bad. It smells bad. What it looks like is two rich guys using their money and power to grab a Senate seat,” said Jeremy Aspen, an Omaha Republican and former state party delegate. “This is how authoritarian countries operate, where a powerful few ride roughshod to get what they want. Things like this stay on voters’ minds.”

Russia Suffering Crippling Loss in Ukraine Threatens World Order: Kissinger (

Henry Kissinger in my opinion had a more negative impact on the world than Hitler.

Hitler’s impact was pretty much limited to WWII.  Kissinger’s legacy continues on, still today endangering the world.  Kissinger and Nixon opened up recognition of communist China, eventually displacing Taiwan on the UN security council, handing a second totalitarian communist country a UN veto, rendering that organization completely helpless and hopeless.

This move toward China eventually exported most US manufacturing jobs there, and from the rest of the world as well, giving China unprecedented power to use economic blackmail, and financing their military buildup at the expense of the United States.

Now Kissinger says we should leave Russia intact, to continue their imperialistic manipulations to expand their territory and their energy blackmail and nuclear blackmail.

Someone needs to take Kissinger out.  Even at 99, he is too dangerous to leave alive.  If I publish a counter to his arguments, it doesn’t get noticed.  This is the thing.  Kissinger at 99 has the power to command the world’s attention.  He should not have that power.  No one elected him.  He was appointed an advisor to Nixon, the only US President whose actions were so criminal he was removed from office.  The House approved the resolution to impeach Nixon by a vote of 410 to 4.  Kissinger should have been ignored after that, and all his policies reversed.  Woe be unto anyone who follows Kissinger’s advice.

Russia should, and I believe will, be broken up and its nuclear weapons destroyed.  If Kissinger gets his way, Russia will continue building their arsenal until they convince themselves they can pull off a first strike, and they we WILL have the world war Kissinger warns about.

Kissinger doesn’t want the legacy of his own world order taken apart, and something better built.  He wants to be the architect of the world.  I think we should hang him up by his toes.

If you don’t believe me, look at what the Russian Press is saying Kissinger says it’s time to resolve conflict in Ukraine through talks – World – TASS Remember that Russia defines negotiation as achieving their aims, all of them, through peaceful means.  Another way of saying that is “unconditional surrender.”

And this article Kissinger outlines Ukraine peace proposal — RT World News “Urgently negotiating an end to hostilities in Ukraine would prevent another world war.”  Actually, defeating Russia and breaking it up would prevent another world war.

California county considers secession to become new US state (

I have driven through this county one time.  Frankly, I think it would be no loss at all, possibly a gain, if it were to secede not only from California, but from the U.S.  It is a combination of people building big new houses on flammable hillsides and, er, ah, mostly nothing else except desert.  No one should live there.  2.2 million people living there is just because there is no space left in LA that they can afford.  So better to reduce the population of LA and let them move where they really want to live.  Would greatly reduce traffic also.

US responds to Russia’s threats over Patriot missile systems (

“The only provocative measures that have been taken over the course of this entire conflict are being made by Russia,” State Department Deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel told CNN – accurate

adding that the U.S. “is not now nor has it ever been at war with Russia.” – total lie.  Us saying we are not at war is just as inane as Russia’s use of the term “special operation”.


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