Eliminate Islam & Restrict Christianity

I have studied religion, its origin and meaning, all my life, having completed catechism classes at 9, reading the bible cover to cover in college and again in my early 30s, attending church and Sunday School, trying several different churches, investigating biblical archaeology, and so forth. In my early years I thought there was something special about Christianity, but gradually have been disabused of that notion. Not all at once. I became disenchanted with churches particularly in the early 1990s when they got involved in politics. Now we have some inside testimony on how that happened, and how evangelicals made a “deal with the devil” accepting things they didn’t agree with in order to overturn Roe v. Wade. There is NOTHING in the bible about the ends justifying the means. Rather the opposite. The ends are to use the correct means, and leave the outcome up to God. Jesus even allowed himself to be crucified. Must have been quite painful.

Pastor Admits “Deal with Devil” to overturn Roe v. Wade

  • In that meeting that I participated in, the conversation went something like this: ‘You guys want Roe v. Wade overturned, we can do that for you, but you take the whole enchilada, you take the whole thing,”‘ he said. you take everything else that comes with it.
  • “From that point on that community that I had served, and still do, made a deal with the devil,” he said. “That deal was, we would support everything on the conservative agenda, whether or not we had conscientious conflict with them. The means were justified by the ends of that.”

The participants in this fiasco must at least have their tax exempt status revoked, retroactively to the date of their political involvement.

The right-wing plan to have a state-called constitutional convention, playing fast and loose with rules that don’t exist, must be seen not as legal but as an attempt to undermine our government, as insurrection and treason. They want to establish religion in the constitution. I will not have it. You want rebellion in this country, that’s the way to get it. My ancestors came here for religious freedom, and I intend to preserve it by undermining these people every way that I can.

I held off on denouncing Christianity until after my mother died for her sake and after my sister quit suggesting we go to church. Now the gloves are off. This is misleading clap trap and not harmless. It grows and festers and eventually wants to take over. If we are to actually preserve the freedom to have the religion of our choice, then contain it and get it out of government. Otherwise, with church attendance declining, there will soon be a political majority for a very different kind of constitutional convention, called by Congress, removing all rights of religious groups as threats to our country.

All religion is evil. Read Judges 11. Not only is abortion not mentioned in the bible, but sacrifice of a near-adult daughter is condoned, and the asked-for reward given.

Jephthah greeted by his daughter and only child (at the time)
There is no way he didn’t expect this. He meant exactly what happened.

You will not find this reference if you look in an index or concordance. Since ancient times the priestly class has had a hard time explaining it away, and would like to be rid of it. But it had already become a popular annual festival.

The account avoids mention of Jephthah’s wives and children later after he became a judge, but typical numbers were 20 wives and 40+ children. He maximized his evolutionary success. His daughter seems to understand that her own is also maximized and does not put up a fuss. She has 50% of his genes and therefore 25% genetic commonality with any other children he may have if the agreement is completed. 25% of 40 is the equivalent of 10 children of her own in evolutionary success, which is a low possibility. But if she cooperates, it is in the bag. She will have many descendants.

So what about Islam? Without question, it is a religion which advocates war, and the killing of those who will not accept it. No one can excuse, soft pedal, or make the Quran scriptures repeatedly directing that behavior go away. No one can deny that Islam produces grievous and frequent occurrences of such behavior. Does Christianity? Sometimes. Often. But its founder did NOT advocate that. Christian scripture does not say it. So we cannot at this time ban Christianity on that basis. However, if its members don’t behave, maybe.

At this point we are engaged in a war with Russia. We the U.S. We are paying for it and providing the weapons, and have merely contracted out some operational aspects. Russia views it as a religious war at least in part. They have taken Iran as a principal ally, supplying them with long range missiles with which to destroy Ukraine’s energy, freezing and starving its people.

It makes military sense to interdict Iran’s ability to produce and transport those missiles immediately. The uprising in Iran is not strong enough to topple the government. We toppled Iran’s government in 1953 for much less reason, merely commercial concerns. We handed it over to the Shah, a despot. Instead we should re-educate it like Japan and Germany. This should be undertaken immediately.

Saudi Arabia is allying with China. They should be put on notice they need to loosen up, and get rid of the murderer bin Salman, or they will face the same.

It is inexcusable that Truman did not force disarmament of the world after the US developed the atomic bomb.

Truman was too “religious” to take this step. I guess he thought God would come down from heaven and “fix” everything. What historical example did he have? Well, er, none.

Now we either cave to a nuclear extortionist, or we have a nuclear war (assuming he is not bluffing – likely no Russian officers would push the required buttons – I have a Russian wife and have spent time there and they love life and do not wish nuclear annihilation).

There is some “fear” that Russia may break up. See for example this article by Brent Eastwood. The breakup of Russia is the best thing that can happen, the lowest risk. Most likely all the component states can be persuaded to give up nukes as was Ukraine.

However, if we don’t defend Ukraine, there is no chance they can be persuaded. The lack of defense of Ukraine (and before you blame Biden, which is accurate, realize the usually hawkish Republicans were even less willing on average) guarantees every two bit country on Earth now sees nuclear weapons as a “must have”.

What you want and what you actually get as a result of your actions are two entirely different things. Just as Putin got a stronger NATO when he invaded Ukraine, Biden got more nations resolved to develop and use nuclear weapons when he declined to defend Ukraine.

Think about it. Talk with your friends. Take action that is not typical within history. Otherwise we are just repeating ourselves until we die.


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