I just realized stealing tractors wasn’t an isolated humorous incident.  It is part of a consistent and deliberate pattern. 

Farm machinery stolen by Russian army.

This will create starvation and instability in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and other places.  Refugee waves and even violence will spill into Western countries.  This affects You even if you weren’t otherwise interested in Ukraine.

Starving people will stream into any country that has food.

The resulting world instability will wipe out markets and your retirement accounts, both directly through volatility, and indirectly through massive inflation.

The end of your retirement from market instability and inflation.

Russians stealing grain & equipment, attacking grain storage facilities


  • accelerated in recent weeks
  • Russians only allowed farmers to sow in Kherson if they agreed to surrender 70% of the harvest for nothing
  • 6 million tons of wheat and 15 million tons of corn were ready for export from Ukraine
    • much of it held in the south of the country
    • most of it blockaded since it was destined to flow through Odessa or Mariupol
  • repeat of history – Soviets took grain in 1933-4
    • Led to a near-tie for largest ever genocide in history
    • This was explained to me on my very first trip to Ukraine
    • It is the reason Ukrainians will fight to the death rather than submit to Russia
  • Ukraine produces 12% of world export grain, and Russia 12%
    • Together they control ¼ of grain export market
    • This is a blatant attempt to control markets and enable extortion
    • I mentioned this possibility in my earliest newsletters
The grain in this facility burned for TWO WEEKS – It was clearly a pinpoint deliberate attack.

This is an attack on all the people of Earth, not just Ukraine

Countries that are the most vulnerable (hint: there is one near you)

  • Venezuela – 80% of population insufficient income to buy food
  • Northern Ethiopia – 16.8 million food insecure people
  • South Sudan – 60% of population living in crisis level food insecurity IPC3+
  • Syria – 12.4 million food insecure
  • Afghanistan – 55% of population in crisis food insecurity IPC3+4
  • 1.7 BILLION could be pushed into poverty and hunger
    • 1/5th of humanity
    • Are you a Republican?  Do you care about immigration?  This will destroy your hopes.
    • Are you a Democrat?  Do you care about refugees?  Try handling 1.7 billion.

Tremendous damage can be done in a few days or weeks

Urge your officials to take unilateral action to expel Russia from Ukraine immediately

  • Use cruise missiles and F-35s to gain air supremacy
  • Relieve humanitarian crises first, while notifying Russian troops they must withdraw
  • Provide Ukrainian army air cover as they push Russian troops back
  • When Russians retaliate or escalate (they will), destroy the port of Novorossiysk completely
  • When Russia retaliates again, destroy all retreat paths and annihilate Russian army in Ukraine

Russia is not a country.  It is a gang of common criminals threatening the world. 
– – – – – – – Put an end to it today. – – – – – – –
Russian citizens do NOT get a pass.  Many support the war, the rest are complicit.

Suggested wording for letter to your officials

Dear Senator ___ / Representative ___ / Mr. President,

It appears from recent news that Russia is systematically attacking the world food supply.  I’m sure you have the details.  Grain blockaded, rails that might provide alternative export attacked, farm equipment and grain stolen, grain storage facilities bombed.  Projections as high as 1.7 billion people thrown into poverty and hunger. Imagine the refugees that will flow into any country that has food. 

Do you consider this an attack on the people of Earth, not just Ukraine?  Does it not already qualify as something that requires a firm response?  Is it not potentially more devastating than limited tactical nuclear and chemical attacks?  Can I persuade you to advocate / do something more immediate than the current slow approach, or mere sanctions?

Yours truly,



The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500


The Honorable (Name)
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

For correspondence to a Senate committee or to a Senate committee chair:

(Name of Committee)
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

TELEPHONE #s https://www.senate.gov/general/resources/pdf/senators_phone_list.pdf



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