You CAN STOP GENOCIDE in Mariupol Today. Tomorrow it won’t make any difference.

While you eat breakfast and go about your day, 300,000 civilian hostages in Mariupol may be killed. 

Russia issued an ultimatum.  Ukrainians refused to surrender. 

There may already have been such a massacre in Kherson.  Remember the protests when Russia took it?  Streets are now empty, buildings are empty, survivors allege Russia killed EVERYONE!

To evaluate for yourself, watch this video  If that doesn’t work, here is an alternate link to same video

  • @ 1:40 Two weeks ago this place [Kherson, soldier, not shown] had life, now nothing.
  • @ 2:15 [crying man on left] They killed ALL the civilians.  These are bastards, reptiles, parasites.  They don’t fight troops, they fight people. WORSE than fascists.  Yes, worse, worse.
  • @ 2:35 [older man, on right] I remember how the Germans attacked us.  They didn’t mess with us like this

Civilian deaths from deliberate bombing/shelling in Ukraine already exceed some European genocides (Slovenia and possibly Croatia).  Kill lists, forced deportation of around 6000 from Mariupol, targeting of schools/hospitals/shelters,  placing landmines in refugee corridors, and Putin’s rhetoric point toward genocidal intent.  It often takes a long time to “declare” genocide.  War crimes have already been declared.

I researched all known genocides since WW2. 

Three in Europe were present, all related to the breakup of Yugoslavia:

  • There was a 10-day conflict in Slovenia in 1990.  This set expectations conflicts would not be long lasting.  In Croatia, starting at the same time, the US, mired in aftermath of First Gulf War, was obsessed with the Middle East and too slow to intervene.  Typically it takes the US over a year to intervene.  The conflict terminated in early 1991 with UN intervention.
  • In Bosnia, 1994, the US and NATO intervened via a bombing campaign.
  • In Kosovo in 1999, the US and NATO intervened via a bombing campaign.

That bombing campaigns were successful and show that such interventions do NOT typically require troops on the ground.

It appears to be STANDING US POLICY TO INTERVENE IN EUROPEAN GENOCIDES since WW2.  It can take a while, resulting in being too late in Croatia.

  • Likely due to the ancestry and large number of family connections to Europe, and US membership in NATO
  • The US has also intervened in Middle East genocides, e.g. the Yazidis targeted by ISIS
  • The US typically does not intervene unilaterally in Africa but supports UN intervention.  Sometimes the African Union takes action.
  • The US typically does not intervene in Southeast Asia where there have and continue to be genocides.  It may participate in economic boycotts.  We may be reluctant to intervene because of our history in Vietnam, and the sheer numbers of people involved in the region.
  • Limited economic boycotts have been undertaken against the Uyghur alleged genocide by China, which is a complex issue, perhaps a cultural genocide.  The physical ability to intervene inside China’s border was conceded to be beyond the US will to act during the Korean War.

Due to the high standards for declaring genocide and disbelief that Russia would actually invade Ukraine, no US intervention other than economic and supplying weapons was contemplated prior to the February 24th invasion.  That situation appears to have changed.

141 countries have voted to condemn Russia’s invasion.  This interactive map will show which ones. 

This is no error of “opinion” in the US.

The Senate approved overall legislation including increased Ukraine aid by 68 to 31.  40 Republicans and an unknown but numerous number of Democrats lobbied the administration to send Polish jets to Ukraine.  67 Senators can override a Presidential veto.  We MAY have already reached a veto-proof majority in the Senate.

YOUR efforts are combining with millions of other Americans contacting their politicians.  Keep going until we get the action that will come eventually anyway, America will support, but let’s do it BEFORE 300,000 HOSTAGES ARE KILLED!  (See Mariupol ‘will NOT surrender’: Besieged Ukrainian city where 300,000 are trapped vows to fight to the LAST soldier and rejects Russia’s demand to lay down their arms or face ‘humanitarian crisis’ – as those who do make it out go to ‘filtration camps’ )


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