James Watson cannot say anything about genes and IQ???

Apparently the discoverer of DNA is not allowed to speak scientific truth about any link between genetics and intelligence.  In a statement that is reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984: War is Peace, etc., his institute simply declares there is no scientific connection.  Probably because it threatens their funding if they admit there is.  See https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-46856779

I have read many papers reporting study results in this field. The formation of intelligence is definitely directed by genetics. Not only does it not appear in animals which don’t have human DNA, but identical twins separated at birth are more closely correlated in IQ than fraternal twins raised together:

  • Same person (tested twice) .95
  • Identical twins—Reared together .86
  • Identical twins—Reared apart .76
  • Fraternal twins—Reared together .55
  • Fraternal twins—Reared apart .35

The above from https://genetics.thetech.org/ask-a-geneticist/intelligence-and-genetics

If our society suppresses scientific inquiry when it is at odds with politically correct beliefs, are you content to let that stand? Do you think it will not affect our species negatively?  Post a comment and leave your opinion.  Speak freely.  You are safe here.  No one pays any attention to this blog.  I lead a charmed life in that I can say anything at all and no one pays any attention.