U.S. Foundations Meddling in Politics

US FOUNDATIONS encouraged by US to meddle in politics
(Ours, the Russians’, everyone’s):

  • John McCain’s International Republican Institute
    • Their GOAL is helping political parties in other countries
    • It is blatantly political .. McCain is a US Senator .. WTF!
    • Receives major funding from the U.S. Government!!
    • Now McCain wants to investigate Russian interference in the US?
  • George Soros Open Society Institute et. al. (total of about 220 foundations)
    • George is a self-professed GLOBALIST. His goals are not MY goals!
    • Nor are they Russia’s. They judged it “a threat to the foundations of Russia’s Constitutional order and national security.
    • Soros has called for an information war with Russia – Obama obliged!
  • The MacArthur Foundation
  • National Endowment for Democracy – funded by the US Congress!!
  • National Democratic Institute for International Affairs – US Congress!!
  • Freedom House
  • Carnegie Moscow Center
  • and many more … all TAX EXEMPT and BLATANTLY POLITICAL
    • a church in the US would lose tax exempt status for this kind of activity
    • the taxes they don’t pay but should, YOU pay, so they are ALL gov’t funded

video version of this information on YouTube – CLICK TO PLAY


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