Google Search Bias on Electoral Petition

Earlier I wrote about bias in either search engines or in the news reporting on which they search, here.  Today we have definite GOOGLE SUPPRESSION OF RELEVANT SEARCH RESULTS with which they SIMPLY DISAGREE.

I typed a simple search for “” which is a domain name I registered which has been working for a week or so.  Normally when one searches for a valid domain name, it appears at the top of the list.  Instead Google reports NO RESULTS, changes the search term, and reports only on the opposite petition which they favor.  Below is the screen shot of the proof, retrieved 2:40pm 12/15/2017:


I used to think American news was mostly good, perhaps with some bias but deigning to present both sides of issues.  Certainly the public views search as an extension of news, and assumes search results contain both sides of questions.  It is now apparent search results are biased from three causes:

  1. Prioritization of most recent results, making historical trend analysis almost impossible as it is buried beneath hundreds or thousands of more recent pages.  Time range selection also does not work properly for news articles on most search engines (it works pretty well for Academic papers, maybe dating of news articles is bad at the source).
  2. Bias in the sources searched is retained and amplified in the search engine results, because the more “popular” points of view are reported at the top of the list, obscuring others again under possibly hundreds of pages of search results.  You can hide anything in a big enough haystack.  This is compounded by the fact that search is based on TEXT, whereas information in articles comes from photos also.  In this respect, I find BING superior to GOOGLE, because photos come up in the main result.
  3. Now we find that normal research behavior is suppressed for views not shared by the Google staff, either due to explicit suppression if they happen to have noticed my domain, or explicit amplification of the other point of view.  Or, if indeed the algorithm only reports what is “popular,” then it is virtually useless and corrupt, as much so as, say, Russian media.

One question is, what can be done about this?  Please leave comments.

Please support the petition to preserve and modernize the Electoral College, making votes mandatory and automatic after a reasonable period for state officials to certify voting results.  The delay to December 19th allows time for social media upheavals that were not possible or conceived when the Constitution was written.  This petition is still worthwhile even after December 19th.  Show your support for upholding the results of democratic elections.  As to charges of Russian interference, see my article on that.  We have used US government funds to interfere with so many of their elections, that a mild retaliation from them is to be expected.

And yes, you really can find the petition by going to !


4 thoughts on “Google Search Bias on Electoral Petition

    • Trump doesn’t know this is going on. His staff doesn’t know. I tried to contact them. They are output only. I sent a priority mail letter 2 days ago informing them about my petition, but I am not expecting a reply.

      In my next book I’m writing about how civilization is based on the “capture-bond.” The president also gets “captured,” at least since Roosevelt. Those who refuse (JFK) get taken out. Obama was captured and supported the surge and then became a drone hawk in support of unregulated CIA power. Try to get that out of his campaign rhetoric. Trump is resisting the daily briefings, but he’s already rolled over on a lot of things, like immigration.


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