What happens to radical Christians?

Branch Davidian compound, April 19th, 1993

In the U.S. they are pretty much sent to hell, as the above photo attests.  If you don’t remember, you can do an Internet search and read all about it.  This was done by the Clinton administration, Attorney General Janet Reno, not some hot dog Republicans (though they’d probably do the same thing).  76 men, women and children were killed.  Some of them shot, some from smoke inhalation, some crushed by rubble.  Regardless of who is to blame or who did what, this was the outcome.  And everyone knows it would be again.

As a result, there aren’t any radical Christians in the U.S., or so few and they are so inactive we don’t hear of them.  Timothy McVeigh took issue and blew up a federal building in Oklahoma City two years later, to the day.  H was executed by the U.S.  To this day, Timothy McVeigh is the only terrorist executed by the U.S.  I find that fact very odd.

But there have been no follow-up incidents.  And that fact is not odd at all.  It is a logical consequence of, um well, of the consequences themselves.  No one lived to follow-up.

Christianity reduces to two rules.  The first one has to do with an individual’s relation to God and is not relevant to society.  The second gives just one rule for society.  Treat others as you would have them treat you.  It is plain common sense and not difficult.  We may forget, but should we be reminded, it is pretty simple to adjust our behavior.  It is not necessarily a basis for law, like the Islamic Sharia Law.  We have a law against stealing, for example.  But if a thief doesn’t mind being stolen from, he is free under Christianity to be a thief.  Just don’t forget and complain, or the thief will likely get the punishment he meets out.

Well, we already meet out death to our own Christian extremists or terrorists or whatever you want to call them.  It is not too much to ask of Islamists to do the same.  This morning Trump called the attack on a market in Berlin an attack on Christmas.  The news media accused him of escalating the rhetoric, moving the war on terror from a conflict with extremists to a conflict of civilizations.

According to the golden rule of Christianity, the Islamists presumably would like to be treated as they treat others.  That means to let their extremists run amok and cause terror, without appreciably reigning them in.  OK, then.  No complaining if we do just that.  And if the want to be treated as a “civilization,” they can treat their extremists as we do.  Until then, it cannot be a conflict of civilizations, because they aren’t civilized.

U.S. Foundations Meddling in Politics

US FOUNDATIONS encouraged by US to meddle in politics
(Ours, the Russians’, everyone’s):

  • John McCain’s International Republican Institute
    • Their GOAL is helping political parties in other countries
    • It is blatantly political .. McCain is a US Senator .. WTF!
    • Receives major funding from the U.S. Government!!
    • Now McCain wants to investigate Russian interference in the US?
  • George Soros Open Society Institute et. al. (total of about 220 foundations)
    • George is a self-professed GLOBALIST. His goals are not MY goals!
    • Nor are they Russia’s. They judged it “a threat to the foundations of Russia’s Constitutional order and national security.
    • Soros has called for an information war with Russia – Obama obliged!
  • The MacArthur Foundation
  • National Endowment for Democracy – funded by the US Congress!!
  • National Democratic Institute for International Affairs – US Congress!!
  • Freedom House
  • Carnegie Moscow Center
  • and many more … all TAX EXEMPT and BLATANTLY POLITICAL
    • a church in the US would lose tax exempt status for this kind of activity
    • the taxes they don’t pay but should, YOU pay, so they are ALL gov’t funded

video version of this information on YouTube – CLICK TO PLAY

The Flaws in Tech Products!

dog-camera-adad found on Yahoo Finance, Dec 17, 2016

You have found tech products you love over the past decade.  But have a vague sense something is wrong.  Maybe you blame it on the death of Steve Jobs.  But I have the sensation too, even though I do not use Apple products, and I concede Windows 10 has the turn-on speed we’ve always wanted and works generally well, and I even have an 8″ tablet that runs both Win10 and Android.  I see advertisements for all sorts of stuff, like lost item locators, telephoto lenses for phones (which I bought), etc.

The above ad is an interesting foil against which to perform a critical analysis.  Take a moment to think for yourself … what is wrong with it from the get go?

  1. The photo is not actually taken with the device, but some other camera.
  2. The dog is not in the field of view of the device, so it’s not apparent the device even could work.
  3. The Christmas hat (sorry, “Holiday Hat” to be politically correct) was painted on.  The photo is entirely fake.
  4. It costs a lot more than a phone which does a lot more.
  5. It probably uses a phone camera which doesn’t focus fast enough to capture a fast moving tiny dog.
  6. The “X” didn’t work.  The “close ad” button brought up an ad for a Jaguar, the original highly-desirable but not-usually-working technology item.

In other words, a great gift for someone you are willing to spend $174 to annoy, but not really a very good idea.  Certainly don’t buy one for yourself.

We’ve seen gift ideas marketed like this for ages, but ALL technology was ALWAYS marketed like this.  The original PCs were going to change your life, remember?

Well, they did.  They took all your spare time.  Later they took all your non-spare time, leaving your family and perhaps your job in the dust.  They kept promising the next generation would offer more and actually work, and we kept buying them, even as they shrunk to the size of phones, and replaced phones, even though some of they time they wouldn’t even answer or make a call.  Certainly not after a year of automatic upgrades and loss of all their memory.  Not to mention the hazard of exploding batteries, and increased risk of automobile accidents (whether you are the user or the other guy).

I now buy on average 2 of each new device.  I got lucky with a new $89 HomTom 5″ Android phone.  I think it works well enough.  Tablet computers?  I’m hitting 1 out of 3 or less.  True, they cost 1/3’d to 1/6th as much as a high end Microsoft Surface or Apple iPad.  I’ve tried using my relatives’ iPads and cannot, so I wouldn’t bat any better with the high end products.  They just explode more frequently.

I bought a very simple micro-USB hub for my tablet, something you can’t find in stores.  One of the ports doesn’t work.  Cost $30 to return it to China.  I just ordered another brand.  If it works I’ll still have spent less than what it would cost in Fry’s, if Fry’s had them.

Speaking of Fry’s, I went there for a DVI to HDMI adaptor that the Internet said they had in stock for $4.99.  They had some for $14.99, but not that one.  I talked with a sales person and their computer also said they had it in stock.  There was no peg for it in any of three possible locations, including one where the same brand was present, meaning the devices were not stolen, they simply were not in stock as the computer indicated.  A new marketing variant called the “loss-less” leader?  Or the “lost leader”?  The first very young white sales associate acted like I had stolen them.  The second, an old white guy who confided this was a temp job and he was resigning the next day to be rehired as a system administrator, put out a great deal of effort and reconnected me with the manager of the appropriate department (who had actually been the first person I’d asked and had given me the row number to look on).  The manager was a very friendly mid-career smiling black man who offered me the more expensive one for about half price.  I took it.

I mention these people’s demographics, by the way, to illustrate that by and large demographics has nothing to do with it.  I want to say the old guy’s general world experience and position was correlated with his behavior.  But I’ve seen young guys go the extra mile also.

Try buying a lamp.  That was high technology at one time.  You plug it in, and it works.  Maybe one in a hundred or a thousand might have a problem.

But if our “future” depends in any way on “technology” we are in deep trouble.  Self-driving cars?  I don’t want them on the road with me.

Hey!  The good news is one old white guy already got his job back, and Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet.

Aleppo vs. Dresden & Hiroshima

Aleppo 2 days ago, Dec. 14, 2016, from NYTimes article: “Battle Over Aleppo Is Over, Russia Says, as Evacuation Deal Reached”

Dresden, Germany, after U.S. and Allied firebombing Feb 13, 1945, from The Atlantic Photo, “Remembering Dresden: 70 Years After the Firebombing” (i.e. 4 megatons of incendiary bombs intended to cause fire)

Hiroshima, Japan, from The Atlantic Photo, “Hiroshima: Before and After the Atomic Bombing.”  This photo is “after” in case it is not obvious.

Which is worse: The U.S. & Britain? … Or Russia & Syria?

The pictures are fair.  I got the Aleppo photo from the NYT, which “promised” to be unbiased after it failed (like everyone else) to predict a Trump win in Nov. 2016.  You do need to check sources.  Shira Rubin writing for AOL News / vocative ran an article yesterday “Fake images of horror in Aleppo spread on social media.”

Obama press secretary Josh Earnest said Dec. 13th regarding Syria: “I think it demonstrates once again the tactics that the Russians are using in support of the regime are something that is truly beyond the pale, could not be any different than the types of tactics that we utilize.”  (Copy & Paste from White House press website)  I think he meant to say “could not be [more] different.”  Was it a Freudian slip?  Because the above photos show very graphically that the U.S. has gone far beyond Aleppo when it was convenient.

Yes.  Convenient.  The U.S. and Britain were perfectly capable of taking out just the war factories in Dresden.  But the Germans would have been able to more easily shoot down planes flying or diving low enough for precision bombing.  We would have had a few hundred more casualties, maybe a few thousand.

It was an effective strategy from that standpoint.  Whereas the typical bombing mission had previously had a 1 in 25 chance of being shot down, out of 1296 heavy bombers and 784 P-51 Mustang escorts, 8 planes were shot down, an improvement to 1 in 250.  The bombing run was 5 times safer than flying on the Shuttle (about 1 in 50 crashes).  25,000 people died.  (reference)

The casualties in Aleppo over 4 years of aerial bombardment were 11,233, about half of one bombing run over Dresden.  The TOTAL casualties over that period were 31,010. (reference)  It appears that the final bombing was relatively benign compared to Dresden.  On Nov. 20th after particularly intense bombing, Al Jazeera reported 240 total casualties.  Several cease fires were called by the Russians allowing people to leave.  Do you think the U.S. and Britain gave Dresden any notice?  Much less a cease fire and chance to leave?

The idea for this analysis emerged from many conversations with B.G. Smith, who served in the U.S. military and was stationed in Germany after WWII and married a German woman.  In getting to know her family he was regaled with many tales of bombing raids and pedestrians being shot by enemy (i.e. US and British) aircraft, no matter whether they were civilian or not, no matter whether they were children or not.

I thought, as the last of the WWII participants left public life, who will honestly remember?  The country will really get messed up now.  My dad would not even talk about what he saw in the aftermath of nuking two Japanese cities.  But the photo above gives an idea.  No warning was given for Hiroshima either.

By comparison, the Russian action in Syria brought about a relatively humane end to an interminable conflict in which people were dying for four years.  There were worries that the bombing strategy would be repeated in other rebel held territories.  But instead Russia announced: “The next step is to reach an agreement on a total ceasefire across the whole of Syria. We are conducting very active negotiations with representatives of the armed opposition, brokered by Turkey.”  Even John Kerry said he was “encouraged” by the cease-fire arrangements.

In case you have forgotten, the U.S. press has long been at the beck and call of the CIA, willingly or unwillingly, wittingly or unwittingly, to run whatever news fits the U.S. agenda.  They are no better than the Russian press, which is pretty low.  The Russians are no pussyfoot sweethearts.   But the U.S. government is lying and propagandizing as bad or worse.  Neither country’s citizens are fully aware.  But the US seems to be getting worse.

At ShulerResearch, we tell the whole truth – not just the convenient parts of it!

We even name sources and show our evidence when we catch things like:

And we give insight no one else has:

Google Search Bias on Electoral Petition

Earlier I wrote about bias in either search engines or in the news reporting on which they search, here.  Today we have definite GOOGLE SUPPRESSION OF RELEVANT SEARCH RESULTS with which they SIMPLY DISAGREE.

I typed a simple search for “trumpelectoralpetition.com” which is a domain name I registered which has been working for a week or so.  Normally when one searches for a valid domain name, it appears at the top of the list.  Instead Google reports NO RESULTS, changes the search term, and reports only on the opposite petition which they favor.  Below is the screen shot of the proof, retrieved 2:40pm 12/15/2017:


I used to think American news was mostly good, perhaps with some bias but deigning to present both sides of issues.  Certainly the public views search as an extension of news, and assumes search results contain both sides of questions.  It is now apparent search results are biased from three causes:

  1. Prioritization of most recent results, making historical trend analysis almost impossible as it is buried beneath hundreds or thousands of more recent pages.  Time range selection also does not work properly for news articles on most search engines (it works pretty well for Academic papers, maybe dating of news articles is bad at the source).
  2. Bias in the sources searched is retained and amplified in the search engine results, because the more “popular” points of view are reported at the top of the list, obscuring others again under possibly hundreds of pages of search results.  You can hide anything in a big enough haystack.  This is compounded by the fact that search is based on TEXT, whereas information in articles comes from photos also.  In this respect, I find BING superior to GOOGLE, because photos come up in the main result.
  3. Now we find that normal research behavior is suppressed for views not shared by the Google staff, either due to explicit suppression if they happen to have noticed my domain, or explicit amplification of the other point of view.  Or, if indeed the algorithm only reports what is “popular,” then it is virtually useless and corrupt, as much so as, say, Russian media.

One question is, what can be done about this?  Please leave comments.

Please support the petition to preserve and modernize the Electoral College, making votes mandatory and automatic after a reasonable period for state officials to certify voting results.  The delay to December 19th allows time for social media upheavals that were not possible or conceived when the Constitution was written.  This petition is still worthwhile even after December 19th.  Show your support for upholding the results of democratic elections.  As to charges of Russian interference, see my article on that.  We have used US government funds to interfere with so many of their elections, that a mild retaliation from them is to be expected.

And yes, you really can find the petition by going to http://TrumpElectoralPetition.com !

US Cyber Attack on Russia Nov. 9 2016

(Image credits: NSA, Maxim.com, Britannica.com, InfoWars.com, InsureTrust.com)

It appears likely, in the 98-99% range, that

  • in the period November 9th-10th, 2016, 
  • on President Barak Obama’s direct orders,
  • in proportional retaliation for Russian hacking of the DNC
  • U.S. agencies conducted one of the largest and longest ever
  • Internet distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks
  • on 5 or more Russian banks

Update Dec. 18th 2016 – It appears possible, in the 50% range, that

  • Obama may be trying hoping to change the result of the U.S. election,
  • or at least sabotage Trump’s relations with Russia

In the interest of full disclosure, I personally

  • have investments in RUSL and am married to a Russian
  • do not like Putin at all which has produced heated arguments with my wife
  • but find it hard to ignore the following facts…

This caused undisclosed losses in the range of USD $2-20 million dollars.  Although not announcing the attack itself, the administration on October 11th announced its positive and unequivocal intention to launch such an attack.  Detailed evidence presented below.

The political drama of Dec. 10th with Obama and the CIA again bringing up again the issue of Russian hacks (NYTimes article) is a direct result of the perceived lack of proportionality of that attack.  Planned at a time when the DNC hack was an annoyance, and Clinton was projected to win, an annoyance of Russia was “proportional.”

Now in Obama’s sincere belief, proportional would require changing the head of state of a nation.  Since he has no hope of changing Russia’s head of state, and since TWO PETITION DRIVES to reverse the US election are well underway, Barak

Obama may have decided to become the first President of the United States to enter into wars of succession to try and non-democratically select his successor.  He may view this as justified in his mind.  At the very least, he is sabotaging Trump’s clear intention to improve relations with Russia.


Given concern over possibly retaliation taking the form of interference in the US elections, the window of opportunity of the attack would have been following the elections on November 8th, but well prior to the end of Obama’s term on January 20th.  It is more likely sooner than later, due to the waning power of the end-of-term president to conduct major foreign policy and quasi-military operations at the very end of his term in office.  The date in question was therefore at the optimal time.  The target confirmed that it was attacked, but did not name an attacker.  By that time it was known that Donald Trump would soon take office, and it is possible the Russians did not see any point in creating an international incident with a lame-duck president, possibly risking future relations.

The following is a detailed chronology of how the US came into possession of the weapon, created plausible deniability, and tested the weapon several times, as well as potential future expansions that would make it much more devastating.  The weapon is, so far as we know, still active, and oddly enough can be used by any reasonably sophisticated nation or hacker group.  It generally does not harm ordinary citizens (but uses their hardware) other than inconvenience, but can do harm to large corporations and we will detail the amounts of harm it can cause:

  • BACKGROUND – As prankster-hackers gave way to serious criminal and government organizations, the nature of “hack” changed from damage to the infected PC, to “hijack” of the PC for use in denial of service attacks directed at other organizations, leaving the infected PCs mostly unharmed, and available for later use.  Beginning in 2012 with 5 mostly US banks in Hong Kong, instead of PCs, “things” connected to the internet were used – DVRs, Cameras using Internet Protocol, etc.  (article on CNN) – now called the Internet of Things (IoT).  As of 2016 there were 6 billion things on the internet, growing 30% per year.  (article on Gartner)  Most have no password, or a default or hard-coded password such as “1234” and are designed so their software can be updated over the internet.  This made it relatively easy to identify and take complete control of millions of them.
  • During 2013-2015 additional large scale DDoS attacks using the IoT took place, growing from the range of 30 Gbps (gigabits per second) to over 300 Gbps.  At first services like CloudFare and Akamai were able to mitigate the attacks, but the attack volume grew faster than defensive capabilities.  Banks can lose as much as $100k an hour from lost transactions and fees. (articles on DDoS Attacks, American Banker)  Some attackers demanded blackmail, often in the form of Bitcoin payment.  While a few individual “protest” hackers were identified and detailed, the organized groups behind larger and more effective attacks remained unconfirmed and un-apprehended.
  • In March of 2016 Clinton Campaign manager John Podesta lost his password to a phishing attack.  (article Fox News)  This is an unsophisticated social engineering attack.  Podesta consulted his I.T. manager, but the both of them still fell for it.  While not the sort of attack we are talking about, this provided the political context and motivation for President Obama’s later decision.  Embarrassing emails were released showing DNC bias against Bernie Sanders.  There were resignations, and feelings that this might have affected the election, though difficult to prove in the light of poor polling accuracy all over the world in 2016.
  • In mid-September security blogger Brian Krebs was hit with a massive DDOS attack.  (article at KrebsOnSecurity)  A few days later he said he thought the attack was retaliation for a blog outing two Israeli men selling attack software.  (article InfoWorld)  Shortly after, two young Israeli men were arrested at the request of the FBI.  Given they would be interrogated both by the Israelis and the FBI, it is reasonable to assume the FBI was then in possession of whatever attack tool they had.  Brian Krebs reputation is pretty good, and we take his word for it that these men were capable of having conducted the attack on him.  Therefore, the FBI by late September was in possession of the attack code.
  • On October 3rd, the control code for the Mirai Botnet was anonymously released on the Internet.  (article InformationWeek Darkreading)  The FBI had already apprehended one pair of users of the botnet.  If another party released the code hoping to cause havoc, they would have to be confident they too would not be apprehended, and that the botnet could not simply be shut down.  It is more likely the code was released to provide plausible deniability for someone, or an agency, planning to use the botnet in the future.
  • On October 8th, President Obama announced the Russians were definitely responsible for the DNC hack.
  • On October 11th the White House declared there would be a proportional response in retaliation for the Russian DNC hack.  (article The Wall Street Journal)
  • In mid-October the US experienced the largest ever DDOS attack on the east cost and diffuse other locations .  The weapon used was the Mirai Botnet (article The Guardian, Public Intelligence)  No one claimed responsibility.  Experts speculated it may have been a nation testing internet defenses.
  • In early November a similar attack, also possibly a test, took place overseas.  (article The Register)  Financial companies were more directly affected.  Was it another test?  Was it the FBI or the NSA testing their new toy?  How could they not test it?
  • On November 10th, Russia revealed that 5 or more major banks in Moscow had been under heavy attack for two days.  (article BBC News)

No one else seems to have put the facts together, and there has been no follow up in the American press about Obama’s definite intent to retaliate.  Were they told to suppress this news?  The press is known to cooperate in such matters.  But why not the foreign press?  We have already stated our opinion that the Russians would not have found it in their interest at that time to point fingers.  However, the public has a right to know because it will want to influence policy decisions about future deployment of a vulnerable IoT that links automobiles to road structure, performs crowd monitoring, delivers healthcare, control the power grid, and many other vital functions.

A paper is forthcoming in an academic journal on the security design of the IoT, and a link will be posted here when available.


At first I thought the purpose of the attack on the Russian banks was only to retaliate for the phishing of email passwords to hack the DNC, resulting in the release of truthful information and the resignation of one DNC official.  It is not even certain Russia did this (U.S. word against Assange, who says his source was not the Russian government.  Arguments otherwise are vague and without data, such as “nothing happens in Russia without Putin’s knowledge.”  Believe me, the FBI seizure and control of the Mirai Botnet did not occur without Obama’s knowledge!  He does go to the daily intelligence briefings.)

But Obama and the CIA are now taking a “deep dive” into Internet data to try and prove Russian attempts at election tampering. (Fox News article)  Donald Trump points out “These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.” (CNN article)  The White House press secretary vehemently denies that the U.S. has engaged in a false flag activity to start a cyber war with Russia, but his denial is a little too strong because he denies that the U.S. has ever engaged in any such activity.  Most countries have at one time or another, including the U.S. recently in manipulating intelligence data on weapons of mass destruction to start the Iraq war (which a trillion dollars later only led to ISIS), and in the 1960s exaggerating the Gulf of Tonkin incident to escalate the Viet Nam War (which didn’t end well for us either).  While there is little doubt Russia engaged in such activities to start the war with Chechnya, even if they did reveal information in their possession (remember, this is contested by Assange) it is not nearly as bad as Obama traveling to Britain in person prior to the Brexit vote and threatening to put Britain at the end of the queue for trade deals if they left the EU!  That is BLATANT INTERFERENCE BY OBAMA IN ANOTHER COUNTRY’S ELECTION.  Never was it more appropriate to say it is like “the pot calling the kettle black.”


On his last official press conference, Friday Dec. 16, 2016, Obama AGAIN vowed to retaliate against Russia.  It is apparent he already has, BUT, at the time he did not think Russia had actually changed the election outcome here, so now that no longer appears proportional.  I think we have to take the man at his word and assume he is going to do something new.  While I think Putin is smart enough not to respond to it, just as he didn’t respond to Dec 9-10 bank attack, I do not know what misleading news will be released to the American public.  The situation is dangerous and being escalated by a president captured by the military-intelligence complex (supported The Surge, supported extensive use of drone assassinations, including of American citizens).  He will be president for another month as of this writing.  Should you do anything, or just wait complacently?

There is not enough time to start a new petition to stop cyber war with the Russians, which would be the most straightforward solution.  I learned with my last petition on the Electoral College that if your cause is not supported by the globalist-political foundations, it doesn’t get off the ground except by spending personal funds (I spent $4000 on the one below).  So I suggest you can take one of the actions below, two of them without personal cost, only taking a few moments:

(to prevent control of the U.S. by globalist high-birthrate urban demographics)


SHORT LINK TO THIS ARTICLE (share with your friends & followers)

Petition to defend the Electoral College


To sign read and sign petition at change.org click:
http://tinyurl.com/DefendElectoralIntegrity !

I learned today that Daniel Brezenoff’s petition to get electors to change their votes and elect Hillary Clinton president, in defiance of the constitution of the U.S.A., has garnered nearly 5 million signatures, the highest in the history of change.org.  Are we going to be governed by social media and street demonstrations?  One of the instigators of such efforts, Daniel Brezenoff, is himself a danger to the constitution.   I think it is time to use modern technology ourselves, and maybe a dose of it in the Electoral College.
Will you support a constitutional amendment to keep 19 year old electors from changing their vote, and to remove the 18th century winter travel delay? The electoral college needs to be preserved to prevent the dictates of an immature narrow majority from making the country into a clone of childhood whim. They’ll grow up eventually, and it is our duty to preserve the country, even for those that do not know they would miss it. Sign the petition today! Show the other side that your vote was not a joke!
The agreement for the former colonies, then independent states, to associate to form the United States under the constitution of 1789, addresses the need for the values and methods of the states not be consolidated or co-opted by a simple national majority.  This refers to the rights of the state populations, which would then become minorities of the whole, to maintain not only existing but future cultural and governance differences as they might wish.  Not to be forced to comply in a unified “Tower of Babel.
The constitutional provision allowing for travel time in early winter for the electoral college to convene is no longer necessary and introduces a degree of uncertainty that encourages opportunists to attempt to contravene the electoral process.  This petition recommends a constitutional amendment to do away with electors, but keep the existing historical elector vote counting system, and to allow one week for any election uncertainties to be resolved, and subject to the decision of state election officials to automatically cast the required number of electoral college votes at that time.
States have legitimate differences in founding principles, traditions and style of governance and cooperation.  Massachusetts is called a “CommonWealth” for a reason.  It has a tradition of regarding the welfare of all in common and reliance on government for personal needs.  Texas has a tradition of the open range and self-reliance.  There was no one near to help.  A handful of men died at the Alamo fighting Santa Anna own their on rather than run away to join Sam Houston’s army – which they could have done!  If you don’t like either of those extremes, move to Colorado, they’ve got everything.
When my son grows up I want him to have these choices.  Do you want to have choices?  Do you want a few people who actually “like” living piled on top of each other in cities, reproducing like rabbits, to be able to control your life?  No!  I have only one child exactly so that he can have more of everything I can give a child.  Including the future.  Freedom is exactly the preservation of that choice, the most important choice any of us will ever make.  I have nothing against rabbit people.  They tend to stay in the cities and make an interesting cultural environment to visit.  I don’t want to live there and they are not entitled to make my state exactly like their state.  That is the function of the electoral college.
The archaic travel delay allows modern mass-media powered movements too much time to grow and challenge a legitimate election.  The election process should use the same technology the rest of society uses, and this delay should be removed as a window of opportunity for undemocratic progressive so-called democracy to dictate how the rest of us live and plan for the future.
Thank you for your support.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Goodbye, and the best to you.  Sign today, and tell all your friends.  Heck, tell your enemies too, even people you don’t know!
P.S. Brezenoff is Russian.  My wife is Russian.  There is no cultural bias in play.  We are even on that count.  Half my friends belong either to a minority or immigrant status.  A Vietnamese friend voted for Trump because his sister lost her Bank of America job to outsourcing.  An Hispanic-Latin friend (he doesn’t like any of those labels) who has lived right here for generations as the border moved voted for Trump.  Don’t be fooled.  No one was joking.

Chinese Cars now at a Dealer Near You!

No I’m not kidding and no they are not crackerjack box cars, but Volvos.  And expect more to come.  On Nov. 2, 2016, days before the surprise election of a certain Donald Trump as POTUS, partly on trade issues, Volvo made the following announcement:

“… production capacity will be increased and China will be developed into a global manufacturing and export hub servicing growing demand for its new range of cars in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.”

Volvo S90 – Made in China – Sold & driven in the U.S.

The U.S. has a record of suspicion at letting China directly import cars, or generally letting China own stakes in major U.S. industries.  But there is no bar on them buying companies that sell here.  China owns $1.157 Trillion in U.S. Treasury Bonds, mostly long term, and the market value of that is about to plummet because the Fed is raising U.S. interest rates.  Indeed, 30-year bond rates have already risen from 2.25% to 3% since about the first of October.  To find the price of bonds you have to use a price calculator like this one.  If the Chinese bonds were all 30-year, this would be a 20% or $231 billion loss in value.  Even if they were all 10-year holdings (pretty much all the Chinese holdings are at least that), they have taken an $80 billion “haircut” in the last two months.  It must be dawning on them they should use that money to buy companies in Europe which sell us things.

There was a glimmer of hope today with the announcement Trump had talked with the leader of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, breaking “decades of diplomatic tradition” (since Nixon I presume) and risking China’s anger.  I have no confidence there is the economic will to resist cheap trinkets from China, especially if they have quality Swedish nameplates on them.  But if the debate can become a diplomatic one, with military overtones, then we might get tough.  Americans understand military threats much better than economic ones.