Share the country! … or go to Canada

Got a problem?  There is a solution.  Sometimes we are too close to see them, so I made a list.

Unhappy about Trump being elected?  Some do’s and don’ts …

  1. SHARE THE COUNTRY!  I’ve been putting up with all of you that I disagree with since about 1990.  It is so bad I went to the other side of the world to find a wife I wouldn’t argue politics and religion with.  That’s right, I don’t like the left or the right, and not many in the center.  But I’ve shared the country and I haven’t protested a single time.  Grow up!  Believe me, it wasn’t pleasant.  I hated just about every second of it.  You can do it too.
  2. MAKE GOOD ON YOUR CANADIAN THREAT!  Did you say you would leave if Trump was elected?  If so, why are you still here?  If Canada is too cold, go to Mexico.  Either country would love to have you.
  3. DON’T PROTEST!  How 3rd world can you get?  Protest and chaos are the techniques that absolutists and totalitarians use to take over when they don’t get their way.  In this country if one doesn’t like the status quo, one conducts a political campaign, which is pretty much like a protest, but civilized, in a rented building, not blocking traffic.  Trump rallies were mass protests.  You didn’t see the masses?  The press used tight head-and-shoulders shots to conceal the mass attendances.
  4. PICK AN HONEST CANDIDATE NEXT TIME!  Clinton had a foreign policy plan to re-assert American might in Europe and the Middle east, to get involved in Syria, that she didn’t talk about during the campaign because she knew Obama supporters wouldn’t like it.  It’s a consistent pattern – she planned her first healthcare in secret, wrote her emails on a private server in secret, etc.  Sometimes if a guy says things you don’t like during a campaign, maybe he is just not willing to lie to you.  There might be some advantage to that.  Someone who seems too polite and all-embracing is always lying.  Someone who seems too good to be true is (too good to be true – and lying).

Happy about Trump but unhappy about the 3rd world reaction from the love-in-now-turned-protest-potentially-chaos spoiled brats?

  1. DON’T PROTEST YOURSELF!  Funny thing is, to protest didn’t even occur to Trump supporters.
  2. JOIN A WELL REGULATED MILITIA if you are really worried, one with a connection to the government of your state.  National Guard will do fine.  You don’t need to buy a gun, they will give you one.  If you don’t like the government of your state, move permanently to another one.
  3. START A BLOG, TWEET, express your opinion.
  4. WRITE OR TWEET TO THE REPORTERS WHO ARE ENCOURAGING THEM!  The media live in a group think fish bowl and hear nothing but their own ideas.  If they get enough negative feedback, they will begin to feel overwhelmed by it and at least a few of them will begin to cover the other side.  THE PRESS ARE CLAIMING EVEN THOSE WHO VOTED FOR TRUMP DON’T REALLY WANT HIM!  Disabuse them of this notion.

On that last point, I have talked with many people about who they voted for.  I find that people who didn’t like either Trump or Clinton, didn’t vote for either.  One young woman in Texas voted Republican except for President she voted for a 3rd party candidate, for example.  Some people just didn’t vote.  I found no one “holding their nose” after voting for Trump.  The people who DID vote for Trump enthusiastically include:

  1. An immigrant whose sister lost her job to offshoring and had to train her replacements.
  2. An Hispanic/Latino who is not an immigrant, whose family has lived here for generations (actually, he points out we of European descent are the immigrants).

The protesters don’t care about trade and jobs.  They are using slogans I haven’t heard since Woodstock.  If they had jobs, they wouldn’t be protesting in the middle of a work day.




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