The Green Submarine (North Korea)

Is this serious, or political humor?  You decide.

The Beatles sang about a “Yellow Submarine.”  North Korea has a green one.

[US Government Photo]

And guess what?  It can launch a missile!

NK sub missile launch
[North Korean Government Photo (obviously)]

It has tried several times to launch a missile, and while some have failed, at least some have succeeded: .  The most recent test was this weekend: .  Question … how close could NK get to Washington, NY, San Francisco or LA without being detected?  Or more likely, how close would each presidential candidate allow them to get before destroying the sub and probably starting a [nuclear] war?

  • Hillary – Can’t be awakened at 3 AM.
  • Sanders – Where is North Korea?  Don’t they have a Workers’ Party?
  • Cruz – It is illegal for NK to launch missiles under UN resolutions.  Subs are OK.
  • Trump – Clint Eastwood is my new Secretary of Defense.
  • Kaisch – North Korea is less dangerous than Trump.

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