If only terrorists have guns and babies . . .

Or, “The presidental candidates in a nutshell”:

It boils down to an election about who you blame for decline in the middle class:

  1. Sanders blames the rich people and will tax and redistribute (Obama on steroids).
  2. Trump blames foreigners and will erect a wall and an import tax.
  3. Bloomberg blames guns and babies and will try to get rid of both.

The consequences of each are also easy to figure out:

  1. No one will work (the poor people won’t need to, and the rich won’t see any point).  Soon Sanders will figure this out, he’s not stupid just misguided, and will “order” everyone to work.  This works pretty well.  My wife is from Russia and she liked communism better than what came after.  I work for the government so I take orders from them anyway.
  2. The wall and tariffs won’t keep everyone and everything out, but some things, and if you can’t get a job in the new factories that spring up to make whatever is necessary that we import (nothing that I can think of), then you can get a job guarding the wall or collecting the tariffs.
  3. If only terrorists and criminals have guns and babies … you finish the sentence.

While it’s pretty clear all three strategies are flawed, it’s also pretty clear no significant new choices are going to emerge, even if the candidate names change, because all the minor candidates just sort those same concepts in one way or another.

Here’s how the 3-way election will split the electorate:

a. Sanders and Bloomberg will split the Jewish vote.
b. Trump and Bloomberg will split the Billionaire vote (how many are there?).
c. Hispanics and blacks won’t vote for anyone if Hillary is not the nominee.  Sanders hasn’t figured out that foreign countries exist, so he doesn’t have a position on immigration.

It is pretty easy to do the math on that, but if I’m wrong and Bloomberg throws it into the House of Representatives (possibly by carrying New York), then the Tea Party will “do the math.”  Trump has made them mad, but Bloomberg is for gun control, and that will be the “math” that matters.  Don’t blame me.  I don’t own a gun.  Afraid I might shoot myself due to political induced depression.

People are always doing the opposite of what I tell them to do.  So, vote for Sanders.  If you can’t figure out who among the remaining two is the opposite of Sanders and who is like him in most respects, then you won’t be able to find where your polling place is, so don’t worry about it.  Someone competent will decide.  ; )

This post is not religious in nature and is in no way intended as an endorsement of Islamic views about guns and babies, and isn’t meant to imply Bloomberg is anti-Islamic.  But if we had an Islamic candidate who’d do away with LBGT marriage and substitute polygamy, the above analysis would change.  A mortgage banker on the phone today apologized, saying “the government requires that I ask this question,” and then proceeded to ask if I considered myself male or female, and whether my wife considered herself male or female.  It certainly suggests that Obama does not favor Islam.


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