Will the real Clinton politico please stand up?

Fascinating interview with B.C. about his early views on H.C.’s political potential, and his strange marriage proposal to her…https://www.yahoo.com/politics/bill-clinton-says-hillary-once-told-him-shed-124838544661.html

Bill claims he envisioned Hillary as being the most important politician before they even married, and that was part of why he was attracted to her.  Of course everyone knows Bill is a political genius, regardless of what one thinks of his policies, and he could be making this up.  But if that were true, why did he give her political assignments in his first term, like healthcare?  There is at least a little something to it.

Also, he quotes Hillary as understanding full well she would be controversial because of her aggressiveness.

There is another hyper-aggressive candidate in the race, The Donald of course.  I have always hated him.  I don’t care for Hillary either.  But I was thinking, and wondered what your thoughts are on the OTHER candidates.  See any likely presidential material?
One Trump supporter, a woman, said with regard to his controversial blunders, “He is saying things that need to be said.”  He reminds me of Reagan, who first attracted my attention when he said we should send the military to re-take the Panama Canal, which the U.S. was in the process of giving to them in about 1976 or so.  Eventually Reagan became president and later his VP G.H.W. Bush did send U.S. troops to Panama, though for the purpose of seizing the leader of Panama and putting him in a U.S. jail, where he still resides.  The point being, Reagan’s comment wasn’t so radical a departure from the future history that actually happened.

An example of H. Clinton’s aggressive remarks is her serious attack on China as wanting to “hack everything” the other day.  Hot is fire compared to O’Bama’s tepid comments.  (I write O’Bama deliberately now.  His mother was, after all, part Irish, and related ethnicities.)

Did you know – I didn’t – that Panama was part of Columbia, and T. Roosevelt engineered a revolution in Panama for independence so he could conclude a canal treaty with them?  This was after the French already failed at building a canal.  But Roosevelt’s effort was government, not private, for military rather than commercial purposes.  So I suppose if Panama’s leadership got out of hand, it was indeed up to us to fix it.

Since I don’t care for any of the candidates, just from the standpoint of an interesting spectacle, and because I think a strong and unpredictable leader right now would be better than Milquetoast … I’d like to see the general election be a shouting match between Hillary and The Donald.  Our detractors would quake in fear, the markets would rally, and ISIS would probably take their slaves and melt away into the sand dunes.


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