Meaning of the Gingerbread House

Eating the piano + Gingerbread House

My 7 month old son Grandon tries to eat everything.  Even the toy piano, see photo above.  Oh sure, he understands it is a piano and will bang on the keys to make noise.  But the eating is in common with everything.  He seems to understand I am a person and will interact with me, but if he can grab me and try to put my face or hand in his mouth, he will.

What does this have to do with my book blog?  We’ve all heard the story of Hansel and Gretel.  Probably you know, too, that it is interpreted as a tale for very young children who begin to fear their own appetites may eat their parents out of house and home.  And they come to contemplate the disastrous meaning if someone, the wicked witch, actually tried to eat them!  The eat-anything part of their personality, in Jungian parlance, becomes relegated to the shadow, to that part of themselves no longer appropriate to their development, but which served a survival need at an earlier phase.  The witch is then a part of themselves, their shadow, containing the cast-off traits.

But there is more.  While watching my son eat the piano, I thought well, if he lived in a house made of gingerbread, he’d soon eat it.  Then he wouldn’t have a house!

Now do you see the relation to the book blog?  No?  Well, suppose your house were made of money.  That doesn’t take much supposing, because in a way it is made of money, and any banker will help you extract the money from your house and “eat” it, by spending it for food or any other consumable thing in life.  The entire “financial crisis” was brought on by people doing just this.  Soon they had no houses.

In Money, Wealth & War I talk about building a “firewall” around your “capital.”  Your investment capital is like a house.  It is not money to be spent, but something which provides generally for life.  If you spend it, you become a slave again and lose your freedom.  In a way, you lose your life.

I was surveying related books, because the instructions for a “tip sheet” I needed to get reviews said to list comparable books.  I chose some that were top sellers, hoping to suggest of course that MWW could be a top seller.  One of them was Never Work Again.

I suppose, in retrospect, I could have used such a title for MWW.  I basically advocate that 20% of us give up our jobs and never work again.  Not just us personally, but all our descendents.  Not that we should never do anything productive.  We would in fact be held to a higher account, doing things really useful to society, not just making money for some greedy corporation.

So, indeed, there is a meaning of the Gingerbread House for adults.  If you eat your capital, you give up your place to live in the world and must work for greedy corporations (the witch) as their kitchen servants.  And eventually that corporation will eat you, too.

I have a very special proposition for my closest friends.  By the way, anyone who posts a review of one of my books is immediately one of my “closest friends.”  : )  If you would like to also read and review a best selling book that is in a similar category to the one of mine that you reviewed, I will refund you the cost of the other book.  Send me a link to your review, and forward me the Kindle receipt email and your PayPal address.  If you would like some suggestions, I have lists, just drop me a note via the contact form on this site.


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