reflections on a long career with NASA

I have released the eBook version of crash rate theory, including many of my observations from a long career with NASA.  Get a free autographed copy of the print edition (due in June) in exchange for posting an honest review on Amazon, B&N or Goodreads.  Just send me a link to your review and your address.  Offer good until the end of June.
Kindle version on Amazon

EOIR cover 6 700

A Theory of Crash Rate for Private & Public Projects with Critical or non-Critical systems.  Examine possibilities for managing the crash rate of countries and even the world.  Analyzing & managing risk has been a quest for 5000 years, and is essential to everything from water supplies, finance, and agriculture to computers and space travel.   At last there is a quantitative theory and a simple equation that allows you to:

– choose your failure rate
– get there optimally
– avoid unexpected effects
– profit where the competition fails

Work a project example based on real-world data to manage the risk of a for-profit 10-passenger transport to an orbital tourism facility.


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