Why listen to George Soros on Ukraine?

People may like Soros or not, and some think he is just a left wing oligarch involved in some conspiracy.  His father, a lawyer, was a prisoner of war in Russia after WWI and escaped.  His mother owned a “thriving silk shop” in Hungary.  He lived through the Nazi invasion of Hungary (he’s Jewish) and also the Russian invasion before escaping to England in 1947, obtaining a Ph.D. and going to work for an investment bank.  Eventually he founded the Quantum fund, blew off outside investors and using only family money (apparently some $24 billion), and it became the best performing hedge fund in history.  Like those I wrote about in Money, Wealth & War, he had a family background and circumstances that drove him forward.
His background in Eastern Europe, and experience at forecasting the large scale economic trajectory of nations (Quantum’s most famous trade was a bet against the British pound sterling), make his opinion probably more valuable than some others.  This article is from February 4th:

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