A robot to replace Asian workers

The race to the bottom is on.  A new robot aims to replace “cheap” Asian workers on electronics assembly lines.  Productivity increases continue unabated driven by engineers with a vision of humanity free from manual labor, and corporations with a vision of business free from workers, even if they means no customers either.


Quoting from the article, the robot “… is designed primarily for machine tending, circuit board testing, and other precise, repetitive tasks, specifically those that take place in the middle of a long assembly line of electronics products. There’s a huge need for a robot that can do tasks like these, especially in Asia.” To read the theory behind this trend read The Equity Premium Puzzle.  To figure out what to do about it while waiting for the world to figure out something (a long wait), read Money, Wealth & War.


Why listen to George Soros on Ukraine?

People may like Soros or not, and some think he is just a left wing oligarch involved in some conspiracy.  His father, a lawyer, was a prisoner of war in Russia after WWI and escaped.  His mother owned a “thriving silk shop” in Hungary.  He lived through the Nazi invasion of Hungary (he’s Jewish) and also the Russian invasion before escaping to England in 1947, obtaining a Ph.D. and going to work for an investment bank.  Eventually he founded the Quantum fund, blew off outside investors and using only family money (apparently some $24 billion), and it became the best performing hedge fund in history.  Like those I wrote about in Money, Wealth & War, he had a family background and circumstances that drove him forward.
His background in Eastern Europe, and experience at forecasting the large scale economic trajectory of nations (Quantum’s most famous trade was a bet against the British pound sterling), make his opinion probably more valuable than some others.  This article is from February 4th:

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How do I manage multi-topic mailing lists on WordPress?

How do I use WordPress to manage multi-topic mailing lists, without fiddling with HTML?  I just signed up because I thought this was supposed to be easy, but I did not find a button or menu to allow people to sign up to receive posts.  The help information was, um, not helpful shall we say.  It was not obvious how to install any of those things.  Instructions appeared to be geared toward an HTML wizard installing them on my website.  I don’t need WordPress if I am going to write scripts on my website.  I’m looking for an easier tool to manage an author’s contact list.  Any suggestions?